BSAC Observing Tools
The "Sky View Cafe"

The amazing "SkyView Cafe" applet below comes courtesy of Kerry Shetline.

If you enjoy his work and would like to help him monetarily, simply click the "PayPal" icon in the upper right hand corner of the applet.


Initial Settings:

  • On the right hand panel under "Location Settings", click the "Find" button. In the space provided, type your city name or US Zip Code and click "Search". A list of cities will appear, from which you can select yours. Once your location is set, use the drop-down list to select your Time Zone. Once you have your location and time zone set, click the "Save" button and, in the dialog box that appears, choose to make it your "default" location.
  • The applet initially displays the "Sky" Tab by default. Below "Location Settings" is the "Options" panel. These settings all affect how the sky chart is displayed. Try modifying these settings and see what each one does to the display.

The Other Tabs:

  • Each of the Tabs along the top of the applet provide a wealth of information for observers. Each one is easily customizable by selecting the various parameters in the "Options" panel. Browse through the various Tabs and their associated Options.
  • Located in the upper right corner of the main window is a button labeled "More". On that drop-down menu, you will find a link to set your personal Preferences and utilities to print out your sky chart, or any of the data on the other Tabs, as well as a link to the Help files.
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